Printer-Friendly Diceware

This page converts a Diceware word list into pages with images of dice that can be easily printed. Simply select your word list file and this page will render into 36 pages that can be easily printed (with page breaks for each page).

Generate printout from word list:


Can I just download a ready-made pdf?

eff_diceware.pdf (made from the EFF word list)

What to do the generated printouts look like?

What word list should I use?

eff_large_wordlist.txt (easy-to-remember, read more)
more... (includes other languages)

What format should the word list .txt be in?

11111	abacus
11112	abdomen
11113	abdominal
11114	abide
11115	abiding

What print settings should I use?

(1) Landscape mode; (2) Turn on background images; (3) Scale as needed (I have to zoom to ~75%)